And I Love You So (我是如此愛你)And I Love You So (我是如此愛你) 原唱:Don McLean I love you so 我是如此愛你The people ask me 小型辦公室how 有人問我How I live till now 我是怎麼活到現在的I tell them I don’t know 我說我也不曉得I guess they understand 我想他們應該知道How lonely life has been 人生是住商房屋多麼寂寞But life began again 但人生又重新開始The day you took my hand 從你牽著我的手開始And yes I know how lonely life can be 我也知道人生是如此寂寞The shadows 住商房屋follow me 陰影跟隨著我And the night won’t set me free 黑夜也不放過我But I don’t let the evening get me down 但我不會因為夜晚而消沉Now that you’re around me 因小額信貸為你在我身旁She who always seems so happy in a crowd她,似乎在人群中永遠快樂無比Whose eyes can be so private and so proud她的雙眼如此自我又如此驕傲No one's 租房子allowed to see them when they cry沒有人能看見它們哭泣的樣子She may be the love that cannot hope to last她也許是無望繼續的愛情May come to me from shadows of the 訂做禮服past也許成為我過往的陰影That I'll remember till the day I die直到我死去那天,我都會記得And you love me too 你也愛著我Your thoughts are just for me 你所想的都買房子是為了我You set my spirit free 你釋放了我的靈魂I’m happy that you do 我很高興你所做的The book of life is brief 生命之書是簡短的And once a page is read 書一旦被讀票貼完All but love is dead 除了愛,一切都不復存在That is my belief 那是我深信的And I love you so 我是如此愛你The people ask me how 有人問我How I live till now 我是怎保濕面膜麼活到現在的I tell them I don’t know 我說我也不曉得

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